CMC Regional Cancer Center provides state-of-the-art cancer care to patients in Cumberland County and the surrounding region. Approximately 4,000 treatments are given to patients who take advantage of the convenience and exceptional quality at the Cancer Center. The Center is located adjacent to the hospital and offers medical care in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. Patients no longer have to make daily trips to medical centers many miles away, sometimes for weeks at a time. The Center offers housing or financial help to patients who travel great distances. 

ElektaAdvanced Cancer Treatment Right Here at Home

Cumberland Medical Center Regional Cancer Center aims to combine the latest in technological advances and emotional support to deliver top quality care. In order to provide this care, the center works with all physicians, medical oncologists and surgical specialties to provide radiation to all eligible patients.

The CMC Regional Cancer Center’s linear accelerator, simulator, treatment planning system, and customized block fabrication are professionally and expertly used by our skilled and caring medical team. This technology is a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. Cumberland Medical Center provides permanent prostate brachytherapy seed implants. The radiation oncologist coordinates this procedure with the referring urologist and the surgery department. Cumberland Medical Center also provides outpatient radioactive iodine treatment.

Cumberland Medical Center’s Cancer Program

Our Cancer Program provides a team approach with monthly multi-disciplinary cancer conferences. Physicians and ancillary hospital personnel who manage cancer patients discuss cancer, its discovery, evaluation, treatment and follow-up. These sessions are invaluable tools that promote better education and communication concerning cancer.

The Nurse Navigator Program

To continually improve services for breast cancer patients, Cumberland Medical Center uses a breast health service called “The Nurse Navigator Program.” The Nurse Navigator program is designed to help breast and other cancer patients navigate the maze of options and frequent questions related to breast cancer. This role is designed to complement the services provided by the physician. The Nurse Navigation Program provides education and emotional support for patients, as well as their family members, serving as a liaison between the patient and their treatment providers. With guidance and assistance from the Nurse Navigator, patients can rely on the timely delivery of diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up services, which are key components of successful recovery.

The Nurse Navigator’s role will be to:

  • Serve as a liaison to patients, physicians and other hospital departments.
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork to achieve optimal clinical and resource outcomes within effective time frames.
  • On-call responsibilities for patient access.
  • Coordinate appointments with providers.
  • Support the patient and family with the psychological and psychosocial stresses of being diagnosed with cancer and the treatment process.
  • Following up with patients at regular intervals prior, during and after treatment as defined.
  • Provide education to hospital staff, physician offices pertaining to oncology services and programs as needed.
  • Work with patients utilizing services through the Breast Center and Cancer Center. 

Cancer Affects All Aspects of a Patient’s Life

In addition to quality medical care, Cumberland Medical Center offers a growing number of services to our patients and their families, including support groups, spiritual services, home health care services and accommodation assistance. Additionally, our personalized care includes providing information and education in order to fully inform our patients about their health status.

When cancer is discovered and the physician or oncologist decides that radiation therapy might be beneficial, a consultation with the CMC Regional Cancer Center’s Radiation Oncologist is scheduled. A radiation oncologist is a board-certified physician who is specially trained to treat cancer using the latest radiation therapy techniques. Once it is determined that radiation therapy is the appropriate treatment, the doctor or oncologist will be advised of the treatment plan, and the treatment is scheduled. Usually, radiation treatment is done over the course of a few days or weeks. The radiation oncologist at the CMC Regional Cancer Center sends a summary of the patient’s treatment progress to the referring physician for follow-up.