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Regaining Optimal Health, Preventing Diabetes Seminar

Posted on March 20, 2018

Reserve your spot by April 25

Do you feel tired and sluggish? Learn how to make the most of your health and ward off sickness by making healthier eating and lifestyle choices. Attend the upcoming Optimal Health Series at Cumberland Medical Center. The six-week course starts May 7 and run through June 11.  

The American Diabetes Association estimates that nearly ten percent of the population has diabetes, and that another 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed each year. According to the 2015 Cumberland County Community Health Needs Assessment, nearly 30 percent of Cumberland County’s adults are obese.

The course is organized by Linda Belz, who has a passionate desire to help others. She made amazing strides in her own health and has assembled a team of experts to help provide education in key areas that will not only keep you healthier, but also increase your natural energy as well.

“Optimal Health is achievable,” says Belz. “I encourage those who are serious about improving their overall quality of life to attend this seminar to learn how simple lifestyle changes can truly make a difference,” says Belz. “I have seen amazing results of reversing diabetes, riddance of fibromyalgia pain, and many other health problems disappear.”

Each Monday, the series will focus on areas presented by one of the following medical professionals: Luisa Manestar, MD; Michael Olivier, MD; Franklin Cobos, MD;  and David Manestar, Physical Therapist.

The series will cover how food works to fuel the body, which can help reduce A1C levels and prevent diabetes. It will also teach how burst training exercise three times a week can help boost energy and achieve a healthier weight.

The Optimal Health series is $40 for singles or $50 for couples. The registration covers the expense of three books, materials, and food samples. The series will be held on Monday evenings starting May 7 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. in Cumberland Medical Center’s conference center located on the second floor. Registration by April 25 is required and can be done by contacting Linda Belz at (931) 839-8933.

Download the Optimal Health flyer Optimal Health Flyer here. 

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