Lifeline is an in-home emergency monitoring program that provides home bound residents an easy way to activate an emergency response.  Our Cumberland Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary manages the service locally for residents.

This device is user-friendly and allows those who may live alone, or have difficulty with their mobility, to easily call for help. Those who subscribe to this service will have unit installed in their home by a Lifeline representative . They will help you in selecting the area within your home that is best for the unit’s speaker to be located to communicate with a wearable button that the subscriber can easily summon for help. Your preferred tier of emergency contacts can be programmed into your profile. The service also makes routine service calls to the subscriber to ensure the unit is properly working.

Lifeline services allow one to be well-equipped should an emergency arise. Approximately, 200 people in Cumberland County rely on the service.

We are a proud member of Covenant Health, our region’s top performing healthcare network.