Our Cancer Center is a member of Thompson Cancer Network, the region’s strongest cancer-fighting team. We specialize in state-of-the-art cancer care for residents of the Cumberland Plateau and provide approximately 5,000 cancer treatments each year. Our center is conveniently located at Cumberland Medical Center’s Cleveland Street entrance. We offer the latest technology in a warm, patient-centered environment. Parking is readily available at our entrance.

ElektaAdvanced Cancer Treatment Close to Home

We  provide patients the latest advances in cancer treatment. We work with a variety of physicians which include medical oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists to guarantee you receive a customized treatment plan.

Our linear accelerator, simulator, and treatment planning system are powerful tools in the fight against cancer. We also offer various outpatient radioactive isotope treatments.

Our Cancer Program

Our Cancer Program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons. This accreditation assures patients that their treatment meets the most rigid standards of excellence. We use a team approach with monthly multi-disciplinary cancer conferences. Here, physicians and ancillary hospital personnel who focus on cancer care collaborate on optimal treatment options.

Services Offered

•  Elekta Synergy radiation treatment machine

•  Licensed, specially trained, and board certified staff

•  Nutritional consults, genetic counseling, clinical trials and cutting-edge treatment protocols

•  Most advanced treatment planning system in the area

•  Image-guided technology and techniques ensure accuracy, sparing normal tissue

•  Flexible treatment scheduling

•  Convenient parking

•  Live Pink Program for Breast Cancer patients

Nurse Navigator Program

From initial diagnosis and throughout treatment, our nurse navigator is specially trained in cancer care and will guide you with education, help with medical team communication, and ensure you understand your tests and procedures. Your navigator will also help you manage side effects of treatment and offer support and encouragement along the way. 

The Nurse Navigator’s role will be to:

  • Help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Provide education so that you can make informed choices
  • Coordinate care with your medical team to relieve the emotional burden that often comes with a cancer diagnosis
  • Enhance your communication with your physicians and other care providers
  • Ensure your questions and concerns are successfully answered 
  • Advocate for you and stand by you through your cancer journey 

Cancer Affects All Aspects of a Patient’s Life

We understand the diagnosis of cancer can be complicated and stressful. We strive to provide patients and their loved ones both the medical care and emotional support which is vital in their journey.

Once cancer is detected, your physician may refer you to consult with our board-certified radiation oncologist. If radiation therapy is the appropriate treatment for you, you will be set-up for a simulation which will allow us to customize your treatment plan. Usually, radiation treatment is done over the course of a few days or weeks. We maintain communication with your physician to ensure they are aware of where you are in your treatments.

Cumberland Medical Center and Thompson Cancer Network are proud members of Covenant Health.