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Nurse Navigator Program

In order to continually improve services for breast cancer patients, Cumberland Medical Center uses a breast health service called “The Nurse Navigator Program.”

The Nurse Navigator program is designed to help breast cancer patients navigate the maze of options and frequent questions related to breast cancer. This role is designed to complement the services provided by the physician.

The Nurse Navigation Program provides education and emotional support for patients, as well as their family members, serving as a liaison between the patient and their treatment providers. With guidance and assistance from the Nurse Navigator, patients can rely on the timely delivery of diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up services, which are key components of successful recovery.

The Nurse Navigator’s role

  • Serve as a liaison to patients, physicians, and other hospital departments
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork to achieve optimal clinical and resource outcomes within effective time frames.
  • On-call responsibilities for patient access.
  • Coordinate appointments with providers.
  • Support the patient and family with the psychological and psychosocial stresses of the being diagnosed with cancer and the treatment process.
  • Following up with patients at regular intervals prior, during, and after treatment as defined.
  • Provide education to hospital staff, physician offices pertaining to oncology services and programs as needed.
  • Work with patients utilizing services through the Breast Center and Cancer Center.

Trish Vaughn, RN – Nurse Navigator at Cumberland Medical Center

“As the Nurse Navigator at Cumberland Medical Center, my role is to assist patients with navigating through the health care system related to breast healthcare. I am a Registered Nurse working in the Case Management/Social Services Department. I am here as a patient advocate. I will assist patients in overcoming barriers to treatments, financial matters, transportation, communicating with healthcare providers, coordinating appointments for timely delivery of services, and referral to support programs and resources.

My role additionally includes providing education and emotional support for patients as well as their family members, serving as a liaison between the patient and various healthcare providers. I will keep in contact with patients while they are receiving care and will track their progress. Please feel free to contact me at CMC at (931) 484-9511 extension 7030.”

–Trish Vaughn, RN
CMC Nurse Navigator

For more information about CMC’s Nurse Navigator Program contact Trish Vaughn at (931) 459-7030  email Trish at