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Realizing that care doesn't end with a patient's release from the hospital, Cumberland Medical Center also has its own home healthcare agency. Our agency was created to provide a seamless continuity of care for our patients. The quality caring you received in the hospital is the quality caring you can expect in your home.

The CMC Home C.A.R.E. staff offers a variety of healthcare services in the home such as: certified nurse technicians for assistance with personal care; registered nurses for rehabilitative and palliative nursing care; physical therapists and physical therapy assistants for rehabilitative and adaptive therapy care; occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants for rehabilitatve and adaptive equipment therapy; and a complement of other ancillary services are also available through the hospital's resources.

CMC Home C.A.R.E. provides quality, safe, appropriate, rehabilitative care to homebound patients in Cumberland County. All care is provided under the direction and supervision of the patient's physician involving the patient, his/her family and friends utilizing the appropriate resources. CMC Home C.A.R.E. denotes all staff's attention to important areas in patient care: Courtesy, Attitude, Respect, and Enthusiasm.

To get information:

• Talk to your physician.

• While at the hospital, contact Social Services or Case Management office at Extension 7370.

• The Home C.A.R.E. office is located at 79 South Main Street, Crossville, TN, 38555. Call the Home C.A.R.E. department at 931-456-1227 or fax  at 931-484-1359 for further information.

What CMC Home C.A.R.E. Provides?

• Skilled Nursing – Adult Patients

• Certified Nurse Technicians

• Physical Therapy Treatments

• Rehabilitative Therapy

• Occupational Therapy

• Chemotherapy Administration

• Diabetes Education

• Injections and IV Therapy

• Enteral and Parenteral Therapy Administration

• Wound Care using the latest and most current treatment modalities

• Ulcer Care

• Collection of laboratory specimens

• Nutritional Assessments and Counseling

• Education for self-care and Disease management

What Insurances are accepted?

• Medicare

• Private Pay

• Private Insurances

Who needs home care?

• Patients requiring skilled health services in his/her home due to injury or illness.

• Patients under the direst supervision of a physician who will manage his/her home healthcare.

• Patients who meet Medicare and Insurance home bound criteria.